FAQ Nichiai Service

What is Year-End gift?

Year-Eng gift in Japan is similar to Christmas gift here in Ireland. If you have important friends or business partners in Japan, this is an ideal time to exchange gifts!

When did this service start?

Since 1996, Nichiai has been providing the shipping service of Irish smoked salmon from Ireland to Japan as a gift. Thanks to our customers from every countries who wants to send Irish smoked salmon to Japan, our business has grown every year. We will do our best for your satisfaction ;-)

When will thi service be available?

Once a year in December, we send one of the best quality Irish salmon to individuals or companies in Japan on your behalf at an affordable price with minimum quantity of 1 pack !

What is included in the price?

Price includes cost of salmon, transport, customs clearance, duty&taxes and delivery to the door in Japan! So there is NO extra costs :-)